Face your storm.

I was recently told that instead of running away from danger, Bison turn to face the storm & this admission struck a nerve.
Bison turn to face a storm?
Surely that goes against every instinct in their bodies, right?
As people, we tend to run.
Run from conflict.
Accept the status quo.
Accept what the media broadcasts or our caseworker tells us or what the world wants us to believe – true or not.
“There’s no hope.”
“There aren’t any funds.”
“Your situation will never change.”
And we walk away, defeated, with our tail between our legs.
But –
What if,
As we walked away, we paused.
& we prayed.
& we beseeched the heavens for courage
And then –
Instead of running, we slowly turned around.
We turned to face our tormentor
Turned to face our problem
Turned to face our addiction
Turned to face our doubt
Turned to face the gigantic hurdle that separates our child from the services that he or she desperately needs & instead turned towards hope?
Can you even imagine what a movement like this would look like?
What a movement like this could accomplish?
What a movement like this could do for those who need something to live for?
Turn around dear friends.
Turn & face your hell.
Look your storm straight in the eyes and dare her to make a move.
And then quiet your nerves & begin walking, step by step, towards the faint ray of hope you see in the distance.
If enough of us resemble the Bison, we will change the world ❤️
Just keep livin
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