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Just some random, irrelevant, humorous, and hopefully inspiring musings on life, love, faith, widowhood, remarriage, adoption, blended families, caring for a handicapped child, mothering seven children, chickens, cooking, grief, over-coming grief, and everything else in between. Just Keep Livin!!

Coconut Oil, Hormones, and Lice Oh My

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Hormones – Mine can get a little wacky, especially in the area of hormonal headaches, and also on a monthly basis as I suffer through a twenty-four hour stretch of feeling extremely down in the dumps. Recently I’ve tried these two remedies.  

Carrots – Apparently Marilyn Monroe ate one a day.  These long thin roots are known for balancing out a woman’s hormones, specifically by detoxing the excess estrogen in our systems.  Check out Additionally they help our vision, skin, have anti-cancer properties and detox the liver. I have implemented the carrot a day strategy in the past few months.  I “feel” like I have more energy, my hormonal headaches don’t seem as prominent, and they have helped in providing a full feeling before I actually eat.  Here’s another good link about the health benefits of carrots.

Evening Primrose Oil.  This is another one of those all natural remedies that is supposed to help balance out a woman's hormones.  I felt like I was on estrogen overload with this stuff, and it produced major headaches at 1300 mg (a possible side effect).  The benefits weren't worth the pain with this one.

Lice – for those who were unaware, the Ronne family was invaded by lice.  Super fun. Mya and Mabel each had it.  We thought Jada did as well but she just had a tick stuck to her head (we do bathe our children).  I read that some of the chemicals used to treat lice are close to the equivalent of spraying raid on your child’s head (not something I’m generally okay with).  So instead I started with two natural remedies.  


Mayonnaise.  This worked on Mya although she looked like a total grease ball.  I completed two mayo treatments on her (this involved completely drenching her hair with mayo and tying a Walmart sack around her head) within 48 hours and the lice were gone.  The technique helped Mabel’s considerably, but it did not eliminate hers.  I did end up doing the over the counter lice shampoo with her.  

Tea Tree oil.  We purchased a high quality tea tree oil online and added about 2 teaspoons to our kid’s shampoo.  It worked.  So far.  No more lice have invaded our family and as of last night, we are still lice free.

 Warts- we have a lot of these buggers in our family.  Josh attributes his to “touching gross things”  - probably not entirely accurate but…  Josh, Mabel, and Mya have the most with each child having at least three on their body.  I tried two suggested homeopathic remedies for these unsightly bumps.  

Apple Cider Vinegar. I dipped a cotton ball in high quality Braggs apple cider vinegar, put the cotton ball directly on the wart (before bedtime) and covered it with medicinal tape.  Mya’s wart was gone in five days.

 Frankincense oil.  I rubbed this high quality oil on Josh's face nightly for about a week.  The wart turned black but didn’t budge.  I then started applying the oil two or three times a day.  Same thing.  Finally after about two weeks I forgot about the wart.  I needed something that worked faster.  Maybe it was a stubborn wart or maybe I wasn't patient enough. 

Hair.  Every three or four months I have an ongoing internal battle about my hair.  I love low maintenance living, but as my roots start to grow from one inch to two inches and more, I can hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore (I understand the Amish’s practice of “no mirrors”)  I go back and forth, the cost, the upkeep, and the principal of the matter -- so for the past four weeks, in continuing with my desire to be as self sustaining and as knowledgable as possible, I’ve been exploring all natural options for hair dye.  I REALLY, REALLY have a desire to not dye my hair and be this all natural hippy type chick, but I just really don’t like how it looks naturally. Blond makes me feel sparkily.

Henna.  An all natural dye idea from my sister.  This did not work for me.  I left it on initially for the 60 minutes as the box instructed.  NOTHING.  I Googled the process.  Apparently you could leave it on all day.  I did.  I received a very light orangish tint for all of my hard work.  Not exactly sparkle quality.  

Hydrogen Peroxide.  I know, AWEFUL for your hair.  I was kind of scared about this one and did two strands as a test, and I only let it stay on for about 20 minutes because it is so horrible for hair.   It worked similarly as the henna.  Not great.  I got a little bit of an orangish hue for my efforts.  

Lemon Juice.  I contemplated this one and decided to instead call my hairdresser.  There are some battles you just can’t win.  Let me know if any of you have better luck with the lemon juice route. 

Coconut oil for everything else. 

This is a miracle product that we liberally slather on anything and everything around the house.  It has become my go to face and body moisturizer. I rubbed it in my hair after the girls had lice, and I never got lice; my husband discovered it’s a fantastic way to rub paint and stain off your body; I cook with it; add a few tablespoons of it to my morning coffee; substitute any lard in a baking recipe with it, and finally, I began oil pulling with it.  

For more information about essential oils, something I'm just starting to learn about as well, visit.

As for NonNatural options I'm exploring, eyelash extensions are starting to sound pretty good.

Just keep livin!!


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