Thy Kingdom Come








The kingdom is near!
Let us not fear
A babe born in the night
To set the world right
We usher it in
Recused of our sin
As we humbly care
At times with despair
Within sacred spaces
We each run our races
And bow our knee low
To release what we sow
Serving the meek
And also the weak
And the broken
in body
And those who can’t speak.

The kingdom belongs!
To the broken songs
And each desperate cry
And deep heavy sigh
It’s for the least of these
And for he
who always sees
the marginalized
and she, who almost dies
And the saints who are bent
And some who are spent
And those begging for bread
And seeking a place
to lay their weary head
And for he with sunken veins
And she void of future gains.

The kingdom is yours!
If you weep in the night
Raging against
a pitiful plight
It’s in the dim room
Overshadowed by gloom
And enveloped in cords
As the nurse
checks your sores
It’s soaked in quiet despair
In reluctantly shaving off hair
Or gulping down giant pills
And in the signing
of unwanted wills
Or when your spouse
whispers a plea
and begs ever quietly,
please don’t leave me.

The kingdom is here!
For you and for me
WE usher it in
With each faithful win
WE stand at the helm
Of an everlasting realm
Released by the Son on high
Where upon the cross
He bled and die
For when WE obey
We light the way
As we dare to care
And become worn for wear
When we see and submit
The eternal torch is lit
Ourselves we humbly rid
For as our savior
mercifully did.

Thy kingdom come!
Thy will be done
We all have our parts
To woe minds and hearts
Through our actions & love
We point to Christ above
As the spirit swoops in
Convicting of sin
Another sinner is found
All glory abound!
Heaven rejoices with glee
Ushered in
by you and me.
For the kingdom has come
And Thy will be done
Here on earth
And above
Eternally motivated
By a perfect babe’s love.

Merry Christmas 🎄
Written by Jess Ronne / Jessplusthemess