I Refuse to Hide Anymore.

I refuse to hide anymore.

And I know it’s really hard and exhausting and at times, still very isolating (because truth be told, our kids aren’t exactly a welcome invitation for social interaction, right?)
But – we’ve been brave lately. We’ve come way out of our comfort zone with a child with profound disabilities, and we refuse to hide away in our home – even if it’s hard; even if it causes us discomfort; even if it causes others discomfort too.

We went to a school picnic last night, and we sat on the outskirts of the event because, well, Luke was pretty much “ALL DONE!” when we arrived & we ate food and a few brave souls ventured up to our table and said “hello.”

We exposed ourselves. We exposed our life. We entered into an uncomfortable situation & we did it because it’s time for the world to see families like mine. It’s time for all of us to come out of hiding because it’s time to get the resources and support we need and that only happens when people see us.

Please come out of hiding with me. The world needs our stories.
Just keep livin.