A Forever Caregiver








You celebrate the beating heart
And I cry when I see the bulging head.

You are wheeled out draped in flowers & balloons
And I sit vigil as the beeping continues through the night

You cheer the stumbling steps
And I drive to another therapy appointment

You wave goodbye at the bus stop
And I sit through a meeting of “nevers”

You buy beer for the BIG game
And I buy a new TV to replace the smashed one.

You punish the backtalk
And I longingly wish for words

You order IKEA for a dorm room
And I order a bigger size adult brief

You sign papers for a lake house
And I sign papers for an adult foster care home

You pay for a wedding
And I pay for 24/7 care.

You set up a will
And I set up a trust

Your neck is squeezed tightly
And I feel the bristle of rejection

You wine and dine with friends
And I intersect calls from case managers

You cradle a grand baby
And I vet a new roommate

You travel the world
And I continue to hold my vigil.

Your days are long & your years are short
But my days are long & so are my years.

We both are “mom”
But I am a forever caregiver.

Just keep livin ❤️