Lovin’ with Grit and Grace

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Jess and Ryan blended their families after losing their spouses to cancer in 2010.

In Lovin’ with Grit and Grace, they offer a his-and-hers perspective on this unexpected marital journey with their eight children, seven of whom have lost a parent, including their eighteen-year-old son Lucas who is profoundly disabled. They address many tough topics, like grief, addictions, and intimacy, with a vulnerable honesty that is a breath of fresh air in an age when most would rather avoid these difficult issues, with the topics following the acronym HIS/HERS:

• Health • Intimacy • Sex

• Household tasks • Excitement • Romance • Spirituality

Many of their personal stories offer a lesson learned, a tried-and-true recipe that applies to the situation, and questions or takeaways for the reader to consider; but above all else, they explain why a love like theirs is worth celebrating and fighting for.