You Have to Grieve Normal








You have to grieve normal
I advised as she cried
You have to grieve normal
Or you’ll feel like you’ve died

He’s not what you wanted?
She’s broken, you say?
He’s medically fragile
She can’t learn to play?

Rage, wail and sob
Shake your fist at the sky
Wrestle with the Almighty
And beg for a why!

Cry in the shower
Breathe through the fear
Don’t abandon yourself
And keep your loves near

Let company in
Lest misery take a toll
Eat food and sip wine
It’s good for the soul

Smile if you can
If you can’t, no big deal
They’ll be brighter days
Brighter days when you heal

These children are God’s lessons
I don’t say this in vain
These children will teach us
Through all of the pain

That life is much more
than pride, looks, or wealth
Life is joy, peace, & love
Kindness and health

So take a deep breath
You’ve got this, I swear
For the Almighty appointed you
A fierce mama bear ❤️