The Lost Girls








I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
A different she
Than the one who is me

A tired she
A she that’s not free
An overwhelmed she
With what used to be

A she with deep bags
Beneath vacant eyes
Who hides in the bathroom
And breaks down and cries

A worn-out she
From the caregiving life
A she with more grays
From pain and from strife

A she void of makeup
And covered in grime
A ratty T-shirt
That she wears all the time

Dirty hair piled high
Upon a tired head
Moments like these
Make her wanna crawl in bed.

She lets out a sigh
And gathers her wits
Back to the grind
Which feels like the pits

She loves him dearly
The child she bore
She’s just plumb worn out
And achy and sore

Continuous care
For her disabled son
With no expiration
For when she’ll be done

Strenuous duties
Have taken a toll
And created a space
That feels like a hole

A hole where she
Used to reside
And now has gone missing
Where lost girls abide

In missing herself
She yearns for better days
And hopes change will occur
To transform caregiver ways

With determined resolve
She wipes tears away
And gathers her strength
To lift her voice & say

We caregivers need help!
And resources too!
Stop saying no!
To all that we do!

We must notice the shes
In each isolated space
Hiding the lost girls
But I see your face

I see you dear one
Because I am you
I see all you caregivers
And all that you do.

Stay strong and stay grounded
Take a moment for yourself
For what you accomplish
Surpasses all wealth

We are holy work doers
Across all the land
The Lord sees what we do
United we stand

We will speak our truth
At times with a rhyme
We will change our world
One she at a time.

Copyright @jessronne