It Is What It Is








We live in a world
Where the truth will not set you free
In fact it’s quite skewed
For you, me, and we

And for those like my son
Who can’t talk, walk or run
Disabled from birth
And told he was done

Told there would be no life
For him or for me
But we hung on to hope
Of what we prayed we might see

My boy grew & he grew
With a burden to bear
He surpassed every odd
But he needs total care

We’ve walked hand in hand
As I’ve been his guide
Through every choice
I’ve been by his side

And now he’s 18
An adult so they say
He gets to choose!
What he wants day by day!

He’s competent now!
There are those who will preach
Some even say
Stop being a leach!

Self determination! They yell
For all he will be!
But how does this work
With a lack of ability?

It is what it is
A major defect
Caused prior to birth
His lot had been set

That he would need care
For all of his days
And require a voice
To direct all his ways

And so says the court
When it quickly picked me
And appointed me boss
To carefully oversee

Yes, we all want to self govern
But some simply can not
In America’s melting pot

My son is unable
To care for himself
So that’s why I do it
In sickness & health.

Our world has a problem
With facing reality
We simply cannot say
What I want, shall it be!

It’s a form of absurdity
To think it be so
To ignore limitations
And cultivate woe

We must speak the truth
For our disabled loved one
And enable a future
As bright as the sun

Yes, speaking the truth
Might be a great dare
But a small price to pay
To ensure continuous care.

Image of me becoming Luke’s forever caregiver & guardian over zoom.

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