True Gold








Today was one of those days where I spun my wheels & didn’t accomplish much “work” but then I stopped & reflected.

I woke Luke up, got him ready & put him on the bus.

I did a load of laundry & put it away.

I prayed with my husband.

I reordered Luke’s meds.

I washed two big pots.

I had a phone review with Luke’s caseworker.

I made a deposit at the bank.

I showered!

And walked two miles.

And did 30 pushups.

(Before my shower)

And registered my teen for school next year.

I sent my husband a text asking about his day.

And helped Annabelle wash 24 eggs.

And made a batch of banana bread.

And ran home just in time to get Luke off the bus when his caregiver canceled at the last minute.

And filled out paperwork from his folder.

And set out another package of briefs for the following day.

And brought the kids to after school activities.

And helped Annabelle practice her violin.

And coordinated a playdate for my daughter.

And ordered a birthday present for a party for my son’s friend.

And made dinner (leftovers, but still…)

And ordered groceries.

And paid a bill.

And went on a date with my husband.

And kissed my youngest goodnight.

Upon reflection, I did not accomplish much official work, but I did accomplish a lot in my true ministry, the ministry of family & that’s where the true gold lies.

I accomplished the ministry of motherhood.

Just keep livin.



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