A Special Needs Mama

A special needs mama
Is weary in her soul
Day after day
Has taken its toll

Years of sleepless nights
Many thankless jobs
The constant demands
And heart wrenching sobs

The daily needs grind her
Almost to the bone
The exhaustion, the diapers,
all of the unknown

A son she prayed for
Who’s unruly and wild
A son she prayed for
Who’s misunderstood as a child

But wipe her tears she must
And get on with the day
For duty calls again
Duty – without pay.

The phone calls, the letters,
She’s desperate for a break
Why don’t they help?
She thinks, for goodness sake.

She’ll make them see
She’ll make them care
She’ll share her story
Cuz she’s a mama bear

A special needs mama possess a strength
To rise up and fight when others will shrink
A yell or a whisper, a plea or a shout
She’ll do whatever it takes to get past all the doubt

At first, barely a word
And then gaining in power
She’ll tell of her trials
Without nary a cower

She’ll advocate, scream,
pound her fist if she must
She’ll stare down the judge
leaving him in the dust.

Cuz that’s how change happens
With boldness and brawn
That’s how change happens
To usher in a new dawn

So raise your voice mama bears
Raise them loud and be bold
For change only comes
When we don’t do what we’re told.

just keep livin.

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