Healthy, Kid Approved Turkey Burger Recipe


As promised, I’m going to attempt to post a weekly Luke approved recipe, and the first one up are these super tasty, super nutritious turkey burgers that we had last night for dinner. This is my new favorite meal since giving up (for the majority of the time) red meat, well, this and the close cousin of the turkey burger, the chicken burger. In most of these recipes you will notice that I tend to pack as much hidden nutrition as humanly possible into the dish  because Luke is quite texture sensitive (if it’s too hard (carrots and most veggies) or too soft (berries bananas, etc) he won’t eat it.  He will, however, eat veggies if they are disguised as real food – especially with cheese on top.

Here goes.


My recipes tend to feed a crowd so adjust as needed.

3 lbs of ground turkey.

2-3 tea vege sal

1 tea salt

1 tea pepper

1 TB miso paste (optional – a healthy probiotic food you can order on amazon)

2 TB Dijon mustard

Dash of Paprika

Dash of cayenne if you like a little kick (we do).

Mix all this together

Then – in a food processor pulse a few handfuls of spinach, a sweet onion, and 3-4 garlic cloves till it’s teeny tiny.  You don’t want the kids or the husband to know your secrets. Throw this concoction in the bowl with the turkey mixture.  Now you’re ready to make patties.

You can cook these on a grill or a skillet works just fine as well with a little olive oil.  Heat about 5 minutes on each side.  We like pepper jack or cheddar cheese and whole wheat buns, but feel free to dress them up however you want to.  Enjoy!