Finding your Community

Ryan and I have a deep desire to belong and engage with our community but often find that it’s difficult for a number of reasons. First, we live our life out of a number of communities. Let me explain. We live very rurally (in my opinion), in an unincorporated town.Our town officially has a gas station, a post office, and a handful of churches, and I think that’s about it. Our town is about 30 minutes from a few larger towns – all of which we engage within on a regular basis. School is one hub. Church is another hub. Gym is another. Luke’s therapy’s a different one. My work one and Ryan’s work another. Friends in all of them. You get the point. It’s difficult to make and maintain relationships in so many hubs, especially when we live 30 minutes from each one AND we have 8 children (one who still naps consistently) AND we have a severely handicapped child who in all honesty, doesn’t really want to explore any hub outside of his normal comfort zone, safe and sound in his bedroom watching Veggie Tales videos. For more information on why we don’t include Lucas more often check out this blog post “WHY DIDN’T YOU BRING LUKE?” Continue reading “Finding your Community”