Brick Builders Bible GIVEAWAY!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time or the desire to review a book here on the blog and who am I kidding, I don’t really have the time right now with the move, the book I’m writing, the non profit, the teaching, THE EIGHT CHILDREN, but I made time when the Brick Builder’s Illustrated Bible was offered because I have a kid who LOVES anything Lego related.

We purchased a super heroes Bible for him last Christmas and he devours that book. Reads it every day. Loves it, and I’m thinking he’ll do the same thing when he opens this gift under the tree. What an awesome way to incorporate the word of God into a child’s life.

Inside you’ll find all of popular Bible stories that pertain to a child’s interest such as Noah and the Ark, Joseph and Goliath, and of course, the birth of Christ. Each story is simple to read and understand and is complemented by bright Lego characters.

And, guess what?! I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader! Just comment below with who you’d love to gift a copy of this Bible to. I’ll pick a winner on Monday!

Stay tuned!  I have another giveaway to offer next week!

Just keep livin!

The Cloud is Moving – Courage in the Midst of Change.

It oftentimes takes courage to say that something isn’t working anymore, and truthfully, it hasn’t worked for some time for us.

A little over five years ago our family left Michigan for a dream that included a simple life in rural Tennessee. This is how Ryan and I operate – we hear “GO!”, and we go. We married quickly, Ryan moved to Michigan within months of proposing, and we moved to Tennessee after seeing our current house once. We are decisive, informed, and not prone to obsessing much about how our decisions will be perceived by others outside of our immediate family. To reference a Biblical metaphor, we move with the cloud. Continue reading “The Cloud is Moving – Courage in the Midst of Change.”