Meet Some of my Favorite Cookbooks

Today I’m sharing with you four of my all time favorite cookbooks.

I get it, many of you no longer use cookbooks like we all did twenty years ago with the rise of online sites like Pinterest, and which can provide any 5 star recipe for anything at any time of day but… there are some strange souls still out there, just like myself, who enjoy nothing more than curling up with a real cookbook, in all of its tattered, splattered and mangled glory. I probably own 50+ cookbooks – most purchased at Goodwill or garage sales, including two of the ones mentioned today. All of these can be purchased used on Amazon for under $2.00 – totally worth the pure joy (and tastiness) they’ll bring to your life.

  1.  Cooking in the South by Johnnie Gabriel.

I picked up this baby on a trip to Guymon, Oklahoma a few years ago. Johnnie is Paula Dean’s cousin so obviously it’ll be good. A few of my favorites include, chicken salad, Gabriel’s coleslaw, shrimp over white cheddar grits, and the carrot cake – oh my goodness. I’ve even been able to health up this cake – which will be on a new YouTube video next week – stay tuned! This cookbook goes used for $1.45 on Amazon.

2. Better Homes and Gardens All – Time Favorite Bread Recipes.

You can often find these Better Homes and Gardens gems at garage sales, second hand stores, and next to nothing online, and they have some really great classic, easy, tried and true recipes to offer. I love the sourdough bread recipe which I use for bread, rolls, hamburger buns, and even cinnamon rolls. The cake donuts are also amazing and so simple to make. Any kind of bread you could possibly want to try you will find in these pages. This book, used, is only $.98 cents on Amazon!

3. Currently my number one FAVORITE is Ms. Paltrow’s It’s All Good.

Gwyneth, a self professed foodie like myself and a bit of a health nut since her dad’s terminal cancer diagnosis years ago, has figured out a delicious way to make healthy food taste amazing. You will not be disappointed. Initially, there was a bit of a learning curve and an investment with some of the ingredients like spelt flour, vege-sal or xylitol (a natural sweetener) but once purchased and used, these ingredients which were once unknown often took the place in many of my other recipes as healthier alternatives. So many favorites in this book but forerunners include candy bars (totally good for you!) Korean chicken tacos, chicken burgers, turkey burgers (see a theme here?) and all of her salad dressings are amazing. If you’re a mom, there are recipes you’ll never touch or if you do you’ll sorely regret the decision when serving it at your dinner table (beet soup) but there are many, many recipes that your family will love and beg for such as most of the desserts. You’ll feel great serving these because they are totally good for your body. This book used is $2.17 on Amazon.

4. Another Better Homes and Gardens Favorite, Mexican Cookbook.

This gem has been with me for quite some time. Jason and I lived in Detroit when we were first married in 2001. We only stayed here for about 6 months before we realized we wanted to be closer to family, but while here I was employed at the cutest little independent book store. One day while working, I came upon this book and purchased it with what little money we had. It has served me well throughout the years. Love the salsas, step by step tortilla recipes, sangria, margaritas, and a go to meal often includes spanish rice and the rolled tortilla with chicken filling (which I fry in oil to make a version of chimichangas) This book used is $1.20 on Amazon.

I should also mention that I love and own anything The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond publishes; however, as I’ve sought out healthier options for my family’s meals, her recipes can be a tad bit tricky with all the cream, butter, and cheese (but they sure are tasty).

Just keep livin!

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