A New Desk and A Podcast Debut


desk1Remember the old metal table I had my eye on in my husband’s junk pile

awhile back?

It’s not an old metal table anymore! Not only has he masterfully restored it to a beautiful new desk, but he’s also masterfully restored an old barn on our property into a quiet space for me to write and practice yoga. desk2

I am loving the solitude of this space when I find time to escape for a few minutes and this is where I was able to chat about life the other day with Hallie Klecker, host of the Life Well Nourished podcast. So much fun, but I should preface with one little thing before you listen.  One of the realities of having an office in an old barn is that I occasionally encounter various creatures and this became the immediate reality as I jumped into my (long….) story via skype.  A big ole wasp was on a mission and that mission seemed to be singlehandedly directed at me.

Thankfully, neither I nor the wasp was harmed during the recording of the episode, but the unexpected visitor did cause a tiny bit of stress and does explain the occasional pauses you may hear (as I’m swatting it away) or the not so occasional use of the phrase “and um’ which occurs approximately 500 thousand times (no, there’s really no explanation for that).  




Now that you have the whole story I hope you listen in here http://www.dailybitesblog.com/2017/12/10/episode12/ and enjoy my take on faith, love, and livin.



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