Seeking Simplicity One Seed at a Time {and a giveaway!}



In the last post I detailed my acknowledgement of a social media addiction and the specific steps I have been taking to clear my head.  As these tangible steps have been put into practice, I’ve noticed a fogginess lifting.  I used to contribute the airheadedness (for lack of a better word) to the fact that I have 8 children, and I’m sure this does play a small role, but I do believe social media anxiety has also played a significant role.  Now that my head is clear(er), I find I have time to reinvest in hobbies I haven’t had time for in months or maybe years – such as reading real books again.

The most recent treasure I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing was A Pocketful of Seeds written by Debbie Johnson.  What a gift this book became. At a time in my life where I have been actively seeking to reengage, to be more present for friends and family, to live intently from a soulful place, and this book not only encouraged these desires within my heart, but it also became pure balm for my soul.  Debbie slows you down – which is so good for me with an intense type A personality – and she soothes you with her words which are like seeds being gently dropped into the rich soil of the reader’s heart, specifically 365 “seeds” or daily devotionals – some a paragraph or two, some a little more than a page – but each one realistic while offering simple changes that don’t require tons of time or effort; just small actions to make life more beautiful for yourself and those around you. For example –

June 28 – Hug Your Loved Ones.  Half a page long.  An easy read that’ll take 5-10 minutes and ends with the simple acknowledgement to “hug a relative or friend today.”

I really enjoyed this read, especially at this time in my life where I’m stripping away anything that isn’t an adamant YES! and instead seeking to be more present in everything that I do. Simplicity is the mantra I keep hearing in my spirit, and this book nourished me in the simplest of ways.

As always, when I review a book, you have the opportunity to win a copy as well! Comment here or on Facebook or Instagram with a step you’re taking to be more present in your own life.  I’ll pick a winner next Monday!


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2 thoughts on “Seeking Simplicity One Seed at a Time {and a giveaway!}

  1. I have been actively trying to “Learn to Listen”. I am a 43 year old women who has recently been told that I do not listen. Ok…I admit that it was a major shock to my system. I’m the boss, I am the mother, and I am the Wife, me not listening…WOW! Well it was true. I was and currently still do ( I’m trying to realize when I do it) still struggle to listen. I have been reading magazines and short works on Active a Listening that are really making since. WHO KNEW! There you have it…life lesson for me.

  2. I think most of us women struggle with this issue! Especially strong willed women 😉 I’ve been listening to a few podcasts that have really helped in this area.

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