Brave and Beautiful.



One of the best aspects of being a blogger (even a very part time blogger) are the opportunities I have to review new book releases, and I am so excited about this recent opportunity to review Brave Beauty a devotional by Lynn Cowell; a beautiful inspirational book for the young girl in your life. 

Brave Beauty encourages spiritual truths that girls of all ages need to hear and be reminded of on a consistent basis. Truths such as the appeal of inner beauty, boldly living your faith, being a friend to those in need, and putting your trust in God. Cowell gently guides the reader, chapter by chapter, through Biblical lessons, faith filled anecdotes, and humorous stories. Many of the chapters end with a few interactive questions to engage the reader toward a deeper understanding of the chapter and how to realistically apply the principals to their own life.

My three girls, Mya 12, Mabel 10, and Jada 7 were wide eyed when they noticed the bright, floral cover on our kitchen counter as each eagerly held the book and began slowly glancing through the pages.  One of them was so eager to read it (Mabel – she takes after her mother just a tad) that she also agreed to help me review it from a young girl’s perspective.

I asked her to read a few of the chapters and pick one that really spoke to her heart.  She wrote the following without any prompting or suggestions from me.  As you can see, she not only took to heart the words she was reading, but she was able to glean valuable spiritual truths even at the young age of ten. 

Here are her words –

Chapter 70. You Are With Me –  Do Not Fear

When I read this chapter I listened to God, and it felt like he was telling me that I don’t have to always be afraid, and to always know that he is with me and you. When I read the certain verse that’s in the chapter, the one that my mom talked about before which was Psalms 91:4, He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. What the verse is basically telling you is that he is a giant eagle and he grabs his huge wings and wraps them around you where nothing scary or horrible happens to you. So by reading and answering some of the questions, I learned that I don’t always have to be afraid of my most horrible fears, but that I can trust the LORD by reading more and listening more to his words . By reading that devotion, it can help you with a lot with things you are having trouble with, so always listen and trust the Lord Jesus Christ!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By: Mabel Ronne

Well said Mabel. 
And… drumroll…. I have a copy of this wonderful devotional to giveaway!  So, go ahead and tell me a little bit about the special girl in your life who would love to receive this book.  Comment below or comment on Facebook or Instagram, and I will pick a random winner Sunday evening. 

Just keep livin!

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