How to Reconnect in Marriage During Funky, Frantic Times

Yay!  A webcast as promised.  A few things – I digress a lot in this one.  Sorry.  It’s been a funky, frantic time and Ryan had a lot on his mind with the new job and all.  I also apologize for the word “bitchy.”  My husband classifies this as a cuss word. I don’t necessarily.  It’s right alongside the word crabby for me, but if it offends you, it wasn’t my intention. I’m fairly confidant y’all can handle it (and we don’t argue on our dates THAT often…)



just keep livin!!

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2 thoughts on “How to Reconnect in Marriage During Funky, Frantic Times

  1. Thanks for being so honest! This really is such basic advice but every couple has to get to that point first, where they recognize how to take care of the disconnect when it’s there, which is the hardest thing to see when you’re feeling hurt or neglected. Thanks for sharing; I’m sure there’s numerous couples out there that need to hear this. It took us quite a few years before we realized that hey, let’s keep on rootin’ for each other, not just for ourselves, let’s both win this together!

    Thanks also, for mentioning the intimacy piece…so, so important for the woman to realize that it’s a HUGE piece in loving her husband and showing it! Truth be told, it’s what kept our marriage together for many years…we had so many conflicts in other areas that we just couldn’t seem to come to a peaceful end with BUT IF one would reach for the other at any time physically – BANG – that was one place we agreed on! 🙂 Mostly. And it helped so much to diffuse the tension all around (enough to keep going) that we were somehow able to go on without resolving other conflicts completely. Of course, the cycle repeats eventually because complete resolution hasn’t come yet, but the bottom line was that we were also committed and determined to make this work!! People, please hang in there…the Lord DOES provide strength, wisdom and guidance as you call on Him to help your marriage! It DOES get better as you go on, really! Thanks for mentioning praying together! Wow, that’s the first step to take…and many couples just don’t make that a priority. It’s hard to do when in conflict but wow, I can’t help but love my man when we pray together, even when it feels like we choke on the words sometimes!! The Lord takes care of it! And blesses our efforts!!

  2. Thank you for being so honest.
    I have so much respect for y’all!

    (And I think the word bitchy or “I’m being bitchy” is ok, but saying someone is a bitch isn’t so nice).

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