Difficulties in the Early Stages – Blended Bliss Take II

Alrighty…  Our second blended webcast.  Not exactly sure what happened with the audio during the first 20 seconds or so, but it was basically just me babbling.  In other words, it doesn’t affect the message, and we couldn’t redo it because Annabelle was finished with her bath. 




Just keep livin!

Stain Removal Tips That Really Work!

laundry_20160921-143117_1.jpgThe other week I asked for stain removal suggestions and you guys came through big time!  It always amazes me what posts receive the most hits and this was one of them so I’m obviously not the only one with the frustrating problem of trying to keep my kid’s clothes looking half way decent.  These are the top tips. I’ve tried the blue Dawn dish detergent and have been very pleased with the results.  I have also tried the Oxi Clean gel stain remover and have seen huge improvements.  I’d eventually like to try them all and claim stain master status but that may take a while.  I hope this list is as helpful to you as it was for me!  Let me know what worked (or didn’t work). 

Blue Dawn dish detergent without bleach – dampen fabric – apply detergent.  Let sit 30 minutes and wash.  Or fill a Shout bottle with ¼ cup of dawn, spray, wait 30 minutes and soak in hot water.


Lighter fluid for grease and ink

Dawn and baking soda paste for grease – scrub with a toothbrush. 

Equal parts dawn and hydrogen peroxide for other stains.

Fels napa bar.  Get wet, rub on stain generously.  Soak in bucket of cold water over night. Wash next day.

Oxi clean gel stain remover.  Soak overnight.

Greased Lightning.


Bath and body works antibacterial soap.


White baking soda and vinegar – soak for an hour.

Dawn, peroxide and baking soda.  Make a paste. Takes out everything.

Fels Napa and then borax.

Suave clarifying shampoo ~ clear. Put on dry fabric and rub in with your fingernail. Have used it for years. Wrap in tight ball and leave overnight. Then wash in machine with rest of laundry. Does not work if you wet fabric before applying.

Pure haven essentials master blaster.

Baking soda and peroxide.

Oxi clean and regular detergent in HOT water.
If the stain is old, soak in HOT water and Oxy clean overnight. Rinse and then do a load with Oxi clean, hot water and detergent.

Just keep livin!!