Help Me Please!

I have an important decision to make.  The family picture on the blog is obviously outdated.  For example, the children are much bigger, bossier, and more opinionated at this stage in our life than their dear, sweet, little souls were four years ago.  I’ve embraced my roots, (as in hair) and I’m not as blond.  Ryan is looking more distinguished with the scattered gray specks which gracefully dot his head and facial hair these days. Last but not least, we have been incredibly blessed with another beautiful child, Annabelle Ryan, and she definitely needs to be given her rightful place on the blog. 

 I’m asking for help today.  I have six picture options from our fun/stressful/glad it’s over picture day.  I would love for some thoughts on which photo is your favorite and/or best exemplifies jessplusthemess.  I love them all so I’d like some constructive feedback here. 

 Either shout out your favorite number in the comments/ Facebook / or Twitter – whatever, just help me please! 




















Just Keep Livin!

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27 thoughts on “Help Me Please!

  1. Number 4 Jess!
    I think it has interest that the others lack. Not that they are bad, it’s just it tells a story and it’s interesting to look at. I also like 6 if you want a more “normal” family photo. If that’s even a word. LOL. 😉
    Love ya!
    Jen Konyndyk

  2. I like 3 the kids are intermingeled and you and Ryan are close to each other, not seperated by kids!! That happens enough in our lifetimes, doesn’t need to be depicted in pictures.

  3. I like them all put I’d pic 4 for the blog. You and Ryan are the bookends of a big family that is tied together forever, yet each “piece” is their own person 🙂

  4. I just found your blog through Kidizen. I was too curious about 8 kids not to hear more! I love 4. The way you and your partner are looking at each other across all those beautiful babes is so sweet!! 6 is a really lovely photo too!

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