Gateway Seasons


I’m in a season of life that often feels completely out of control. Granted, it’s a self-imposed season, but still, it’s not easy. Between eight children, all but one in school, cheer and football practice, feeding those eight kids, chores, music, Spanish lessons, a house that has been in total renovation mode for two years, sleep deprivation, laundry, and a gazillion tomatoes which come with the additional stress of the voluntary, yet firm belief that I must do something with all of the tomatoes because I so adamantly oppose wastefulness.  

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One thought on “Gateway Seasons

  1. Jess – hang it there. I was one of eight children, don’t know how my mother did it, but she is a saint. And, she was faithful to God and I’m sure that is how she got through many trying times. I so enjoy your posts. And, I’m so happy you and Ryan have each other.

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