The End Of An Era

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The beginning of Josh and Jada’s relationship began in March of 2011 after Ryan and his three children moved across country from Guymon, Oklahoma to their new hometown of Zeeland, Michigan where I lived with my four children.  Upon their first meeting at my house, Joshua, then 18 months old, shoved Jada, 15 months old down the wooden deck steps and giggled about it.  He wasn’t intentionally being malicious in the moment – he was just curious about what would happen if he were to shove this new, curious being who was about his size down the stairs.  It didn’t go over well. In fact, one of her few front teeth was knocked out in the process. It’s a good thing Jada eventually forgave him because they’ve been inseparable ever since, in fact, most people question whether or not they are twins (although a confusing thought with one having bright blue eyes and the other bright brown eyes).

This post (aka their baby book) is a tribute to Josh and Jada’s relationship from that moment on as soon (16 blessed days soon!) they are going to be removed from the coveted post as “the babies” of the family and embark on new adventures full of responsibility and big kid wonders in the Ronne household as we all anxiously await the arrival of the newest member of the family.

God speed Josh and Jada, it’s been an honor having you as the babies, but honestly, it will be a relief to simplify that honor with only one child.

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6 thoughts on “The End Of An Era

  1. When jimmy and I started dating we discovered our 2 youngest kids are the same age with the same birthday. That’s right- essentially non-biological twins! Those 2 are always testing each other it was an adjustment for both of them when baby Logan was born 3 months ago so I get where you’re coming from!

  2. figured out, that’s funny! come on over and see how figured out we have our two 12 year old boys right now 🙂 #prayersappreciated!

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