Coconut Oil, Hormones, and Lice Oh My

Hormones – Mine can get a little wacky, especially in the area of hormonal headaches, and also on a monthly basis as I suffer through a twenty-four hour stretch of feeling extremely down in the dumps. Recently I’ve tried these two remedies.  

Carrots – Apparently Marilyn Monroe ate one a day.  These long thin roots are known for balancing out a woman’s hormones, specifically by detoxing the excess estrogen in our systems.  Check out Additionally they help our vision, skin, have anti-cancer properties and detox the liver. I have implemented the carrot a day strategy in the past few months.  I “feel” like I have more energy, my hormonal headaches don’t seem as prominent, and they have helped in providing a full feeling before I actually eat.  Here’s another good link about the health benefits of carrots.

Evening Primrose Oil.  This is another one of those all natural remedies that is supposed to help balance out a woman’s hormones.  I felt like I was on estrogen overload with this stuff, and it produced major headaches at 1300 mg (a possible side effect).  The benefits weren’t worth the pain with this one.

Lice – for those who were unaware, the Ronne family was invaded by lice.  Super fun. Mya and Mabel each had it.  We thought Jada did as well but she just had a tick stuck to her head (we do bathe our children).  I read that some of the chemicals used to treat lice are close to the equivalent of spraying raid on your child’s head (not something I’m generally okay with).  So instead I started with two natural remedies.  

As for NonNatural options I’m exploring, eyelash extensions are starting to sound pretty good.

Just keep livin!!


Gettin Our Walk On.

We had a fantastic time as a family last Saturday as we participated in Nashville’s Hydrocephalus Association Walk. 

We knew it could potentially be A LOT of work, especially with Luke participating, but it was absolutely wonderful.  We raised a little money, had a ton of fun, and most importantly, we showed our kids a valuable lesson about helping others.  Here are some of the best moments of the day. 

  IMG 8678 640x427 2On our way, bright and early!  This mama needs some coffee (and Jada couldn’t stop crying because the dog stole her apple – Tate is doing his best to console/strangle her.)


IMG 8681 741x800

Couple of good lookin guys walking for a good cause.

IMG 8683 613x800

One of Luke’s many helpers for the day.


IMG 8685 800x533

The actual event


The whole fam (yay….. Christmas card pictures are done).

IMG 8695 800x631

And our goofy version because that’s what Ronne’s do – we embrace our imperfections.

IMG 8697 800x625

Our beautiful children

IMG 8709 800x653

Luke playing with his brain

IMG 8719 800x696

Goofy Girl

IMG 8723 800x517

No Way!  Free fruit, hats, and brains.  What a day.

IMG 8728 800x534

Luke getting his walk on

IMG 8733 800x575

Free hats and Free Icecream?!  Best Day EVER!

IMG 8739 800x697

 Lunch Time


IMG 8741 800x669


IMG 8746 800x533

 Walk is done.  Play time!


IMG 8750 800x754



IMG 8682 800x534

Mommy Wars in Western Worlds

Mommy world in Western culture consists of the ever present, constant, never ceasing, never winning, and ever losing comparisons between moms of all levels, all socio-economic status’s, and all races. Many of these comparisons are related to what a mother is willing to sacrifice — time, resources, energy, or sanity — and for what amount of time for their precious offspring.  



Recently on a popular blogger’s page there was an intense battle involving the homeschooling moms versus the non-homeschooling moms. I felt slightly judged (by association) being a non-homeschooling mother by the numerous homeschooling mothers who mostly proclaimed that it is a mother’s job to sacrifice for her children at all times and through homeschooling they were making the ultimate sacrifice whereas the non-homeschooling mothers were more interested in their own selfish desires, like sitting around watching The View and running to the mall every other day.  The non-homeschooling mothers retorted with all sorts of snarky comments about making time for themselves, making time for their marriages, being introverted, not wanting their children around 24/7,and how the social aspect of school was their way of being unselfish and making sure their children didn’t turn out to be social rejects.

Disclaimer – I didn’t actually participate in the online snarkfest, but I internally participated through a few, “this is what I would write” thoughts towards these mysterious mothers in faraway lands.  I’ve learned — drama is not worth it.  Not even in anonymous internet world.

This isn’t the only scenario of mothers stabbing each other in the back over and over again in the realm of who is the most sacrificial mother in the whole wide world.  It has become an especially prevalent practice with the world wide web where any mom can join any group of moms who will “have her back” in any situation at any time all in the name of desiring the ultimate selfless crown for their particular group.  

And it’s not just the homeschooling moms because the same can be said for breastfeeding mothers.  These moms do seem to know it all when it comes to all facets of mothering, and I knowingly fall into this “sacrificial” category.  I am the mother who is willing and able to breast feed my children well past their first birthdays, and in the process I am obviously making the best and brightest individuals on the planet (please read that as sarcasm). I’ll call myself out on this “sacrifice”.  On one hand, it is sacrificial because breast feeding mothers do need to be a little more conscious about what goes in and out of their bodies, but if they’re staying away from hard core drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol it’s really not that intense of a change, and their babies do need to be fed more often thus allowing for fewer stretches of sleep, but the pros (for me) really outweigh the cons.  I don’t mix bottles, I don’t pack a diaper bag, I don’t spend money on formula, and the biggest bonus ever is that nursing past a certain point can become the most incredible diet plan on the planet.

The reality is that 95% of mothers are willing and able to sacrifice for their child where it works for them.   Breastfeeding.  Vaccinating.  Not vaccinating. Running a child all around town to encourage a particular sport or hobby. Cooking everything from scratch.  Not allowing electronics when the use of electronics sure would make life a whole lot easier.  Growing food.  Homeschooling. Working mothers.   Mothers in school.  Mothers who diligently work on a failing marriage in order to keep their children’s father in the picture and to keep the family intact.  

Mothers are sacrificial to their core beings; however, we can’t each be completely sacrificial in all aspects of our children’s lives and that’s okay. Kids don’t need that.  Mothers who run their children all over town while employed fulltime probably do not have time to grow their own food or make everything from scratch.  Mothers who stay home and send their children to school probably have more time to grow food and make meals from scratch.  We each sacrifice where it works for us and where our convictions lead us, and it always has a little bit to do with selfishness and a little bit to do with selflessness.  We all want the best for our children, and our individual convictions of what that looks like for our personal situations are just a little bit different for each one of us.  

Our end result as moms should not be to raise really good kids.  Our end result should be to raise really good adults and part of accomplishing this important task is to learn how to successfully incorporate what works for us in our families in terms of selfless behaviors and what does not work and then be okay with the moms who do it just a little bit differently than we do.  In this way all mothers will be able to demonstrate valuable life skills to our children about respecting individual differences, and in the process slowly lead them down the path toward successful adulthood (and we’ll probably all like one other a whole lot more).

Just keep livin!

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