Turkey and Our Redneck Holiday


We’ve had an exciting few weeks here in Tennessee, busy as usual. 

A few weeks ago the girls and I took a mini vacation to Louiseville, KY where we met up with my sister and a family friend, Paula.  We had a great time shopping and dining at nice restaurants, which normally would have been a huge thrill for me, the foodie that I am, but being a few weeks pregnant made the joy diminish quite significantly.  The only thing I wanted to eat was turkey clubs.  I have no idea what that was all about but those sandwiches hit the spot. 

louisville2On our way!


louisville1Look Mya!!

louisville3Mabel and Aunt Greta

The day before Thanksgiving we (well I) had this brilliant idea about how quaint it would be to cut a Christmas tree down off of our own property, and we could save about 50 bucks.  Out we trekked on a beautiful, crisp morning to hack down the prized possession down by the pond.  We found the perfect tree, cut it down, hauled it up the hill and placed it in our house.  I took one look at it and hated it.  It was awful, it looked like the epitome of a redneck holiday.  I told my husband it was not something I could live with for 6 weeks and begged him to let me pick out another one, which he graciously agreed to because he loves me.

IMG 8326 800x533


IMG 8329 800x533


IMG 8330 800x533The horribly, ugly, tree.  

Thanksgiving was also interesting this year.  I actually felt pretty decent on the big day and was able to whip up two pies, corn, potatoes and gravy, and rolls while Ryan dug the guts out of the turkey, basted it, and stuck it in the oven.  It was delicious.  The highlight of the holiday was having Ryan’s mom and step dad visit that evening and stay for a few days.  They enjoyed a reheated feast and spent overdue time with the grand kids (and the big kids) until Sat. 


IMG 8333 800x533our feast


IMG 8338 800x533

Saturday night Ryan and I ventured out for date night despite my incredibly queasy stomach.  We drove about an hour away to a tree farm, enjoyed hot chocolate which had an amazing ability to calm my queasiness, and found the perfect, expensive, beautiful tree.  The next day we turned on Christmas music, indulged in more of my new favorite food, hot chocolate, and decorated mostly the bottom of the tree.    

IMG 8345 800x533


IMG 8347 800x533


IMG 8367 800x533


IMG 8383 800x533


IMG 8385 800x533


IMG 8388 800x533Almost the finished product!

Just keep livin!!



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