Queen Bee Proverbs 31 Woman Supreme

Sundays have a sneaky way of causing me an immense amount of anxiety, and I don’t believe this is the feeling the Lord intended to elicit when he created this day of rest for mankind. Everyone in my family seems to understand the concept of the Sabbath except for me.   You see, it has been my martyr mentality, reasoning quietly in my subconscious that insists that the family would miss out on the resting portion of the day if I wasn’t whipping around the house: making food, getting children dressed for church, fixing girl’s hair for church, doing dishes, throwing in a few loads of laundry, laying out school clothes for Monday, making the backpack round up to frantically make sure all 5 kids have their homework completed for Monday, making breakfast preparations for Monday ,feeding Luke, changing Luke, bathing the little ones,  picking up the house (so we can wake up to a clean house bright and early Monday morning) making meal and grocery lists for the week, and I could go on and on and on and on…  

There is something about this martyr mentality, this desire to be needed, this idea of a noble woman, (“seeking wool, and flax, and working willingly with her hands while it is still night,” every Christian woman’s guilt driven model of holiness) that trumps our Lord’s call to be obedient.  Yes, we are called to be good mothers, good wives, good housekeepers, but we are also called to honor the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.

“Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.  Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God.”  Exodus 20:8.  

The point being, 8 of the Ronne family members have a firm grasp on the concept of resting on Sundays, this having been modeled exceptionally well by their father through a relaxed exhibition of reclining peacefully throughout the afternoon, often into the evening hours, while blissfully watching a group of men throw a ball around.  However, the other parent in this authoritative equation has not exactly grasped how to relax and fall into the grace of what the Sabbath is supposed to be for the human race – a day of idyllic reprieve.

“So then there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.” Hebrews 4:9.

Often as moms we relish in this idea of martyrdom, like our families could never survive if we weren’t running around like beheaded chickens 7 days a week. It’s a double edged sword, we love to be needed, but we resent it at the same time.  Today, I wave the white flag, I surrender.  I surrender to my family’s constant demands on Sunday.  I surrender to a higher calling which DOES trump this unrealistic concept of the Proverbs 31 woman who never lets her candle burn out. I surrender to this need to feel fulfilled through my family’s wants. I surrender to the Biblical calling of a Sabbath.  I, the mother of 7 beautiful children and a wonderful husband, am not going to do it anymore on Sunday.  I am going to rest.  I’m going to read, and crochet, and write, and watch the Food Network channel (when we’re not watching those guys throw that ball around). I am going to take my rightful place on the couch, basking in the delights of a much needed afternoon nap. Yes, I am going to do this.  How you might ask?  I have a few ideas up my sleeve.  

First – I am not going to do laundry anymore on Sunday.  Saturday I will full on tackle the onslaught of dirty clothes all up in my business, washing machine and dryer going all day long, 10 plus loads if that’s what it takes, but then it will be done, all in one day, caught up, oh yeah, high five.  

Second – I will not cook anymore on Sunday.  Breakfast will consist of cereal.  Lunch will consist of make your own sandwiches, chips, and fruit and dinner will be take out.  ALL of this will be purchased on date night if we are not prepared.  There will be no grocery store runs on the Sabbath. 

Third – Ryan and I will take turns checking on Luke.  This includes switching out his video periodically and occasionally changing his diaper.  If this happens to fall on the most incredible touchdown of the year, I will  graciously take his turn in exchange for a much needed foot rub during half time.   

Fourth – The kids will also relax.  This means, quiet time.  Their afternoons will be spent one of three ways.  One, playing outside.  Two, quietly watching football with their father while their mother passes out on the couch, or Three, quietly doing their own thing, reading, writing, DSing…  QUIETLY…  

Fifth – I will do anything that brings relaxation and bliss to my soul.  I will relish in the gift God has created for me and use it to replenish my motherly cells.  I will get to bed on time, and bright and early Monday morning, I will forge ahead, full of new found energy and determination, ready to reclaim my role as Queen Bee Proverbs 31 Woman Supreme of the Ronne domain.  

Just keep livin!!

5 thoughts on “Queen Bee Proverbs 31 Woman Supreme

  1. Good for you, Jess! Sounds like an excellent plan. Hope you’re a believer in paper plate’s, too! My discipline as a housekeeper is lacking, which has always been some measure of a burden to my husband and family, but the stringent workaholism at the other end is a burden also. As usual, God is moving the TYPE A people to A- and the TYPE B people to B+. I keep watch for the lack of joy…a “red flag” that God has a better way! God bless you as you ‘Just keep livin'”!

  2. Sunday’s we’re always busy,but no laundry on Sunday,nice breakfast,and nice roast. Not hard if everyone helps,,but I agree it always was tiring on Sundays. Jewish Sabbath was observed by everything being done ahead the day before. It’s great to have a reflective quiet day on Sunday.

  3. I totally agree with this. Sundays I begin to almost regret because they are so filled with.preparing for a new week. Thanks for the reminder of what the Sabbath is for.

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