My Optimistic List


Good Aspects of Tennessee Life

1.      There’s country music playing just about everywhere.

2.      The BBQ is AMAZing…

3.      The fried green tomatoes are equally amazing

4.      People have all the time in the world to chat and socialize.

5.      You don’t have to pay for trash service because there isn’t any.

6.      Our internet actually works better in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee than it did in Michigan.

7.       If aliens ever took over the world, we could be very self-sufficient in our little corner of the world, especially with all the tips we’ve learned from watching Bear Grylls on a daily basis.

8.       Along with number 7, we have plenty of wild life to eat if we ever desire to be super economical – rabbits, deer, fish, grasshoppers, and rattlesnakes. 

9.      PEACEFUL – enough said

10.    Old time gospel songs are played every Sunday morning on most of the radio stations. Makes me feel like I’ve been transported 100 years back to a different time and place.

11.  The history – I recently discovered that our back yard was part of a confederate base during the civil war. 

12.   Lots of cute, old churches.  I love these, not that I’d probably attend one with Luke, but I love to gaze upon them.  In fact, I was married in one of these. wed1

13. The lack of flies

14.  School starts the first week of August

15.  Beef is seriously cheap here.  I would have paid $12-15 dollars in Michigan for a steak. Here I pay about $6.00.  We will be indulging much more often. 

16.   Lack of chain restaurants, in fact outside of fast food I haven’t seen even ONE.

17.   The SUN

18.   People are really good about warning one another about cops hiding out on the road, thus giving all of those trying to overcome a small speeding vice plenty of time to slow down.  

19.   I won’t have any problems finding a photogenic, cute, old barn for family pictures this year.  In fact, I even have a few options available on my own property.


Just keep livin!!


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