Sleeping Pills and Explosives

Busy week! A few of us have been fighting a cold, really strange to have a cold in Michigan in July, but we are dealing with it nonetheless, and it is something that we really cannot be wasting our precious energy on right now. It got to the point for me the past few nights around 2 am, after tossing, turning and coughing every 30 minutes, struggling to breathe through my stuffed up nose, that I finally gave in to the medication(s) calling my name, groggily inhaling nasal decongestants, cough suppressants, and sleeping pills while praying desperately that I would still awaken in the morning to help the family pack, clean, and function. The kids seem to bounce back a lot faster than I have, and they also seem to sleep through it better than I do, probably due to the significant difference in the amount of what is weighing on their minds versus what is weighing on my mind. Regardless of our health being compromised, we had a packed agenda for the week.

Lucas, Mya, and Mabel had the joy of participating in day camp on a full ride scholarship, courtesy of our family making the news recently. Apparently the camp director thought I may need a break occasionally throughout the long summer with 7 children – he was probably correct in that assumption.  It was a wonderful break for all of us; however, the first day was rough for Lucas. He doesn’t like new, and Ryan and I were eager to see how he would do with this different schedule so that we would have a better understanding of how the transition was going to go with the new school. I received two calls before noon on the first day. Lucas can be kind of scary when you first encounter him if you’ve never had any experience with a child like him. If he’s not happy, he will inform you immediately with an ear piercing scream. If he’s really not happy this can continue for quite a while. I was asked what exactly I hoped to accomplish with having Luke in day camp and I hesitated, not wanting to lie, but not sure if it was appropriate for a mother to say, “Well, I’m actually just really grateful to have a break from him” instead I said, “Well, I’m hoping that the change of scenery and environment will be good for him because he seems to be getting bored at home.” It took one day for him to get used to it, and the next day he stood right up as Ryan was loading the car, smile on his face, ready to face the day. We felt relieved – thankful that the school transition would probably be similar.  

camp1Mabel and Luke’s Group


camp2Mya’s Group

We had a mini cookout with some friends and family for the 4th of July. I got to hold my sister’s 2 month old baby and that was the highlight of my night. The highlight for the rest of the family was the explosives we had bought – the fireworks. I enjoy fireworks, especially watching my children get excited, but I do struggle with the amount of money that seems to be wasted on something that is gone so quickly (I am pretty cheap). Granted, it can be likened to a trip to Disney World, obviously paying a pretty penny for the memories, but that feels a little icky to me as well, especially with so many people around the world struggling to have their daily needs met. This year we decided to match dollar for dollar what we spent on fireworks and donated the same amount of money to the SavetheChildren fund. It made the fireworks spectacle in our front yard just a little bit brighter in my opinion.
4th2Crazy kids with explosives

4th4Counting their loot

4th3Daddy and His Girls


Sunday afternoon we had some bored kiddos and in the packing process I was able to come up with a craft in order to avoid packing some of the stuff! I found some old tiles, we painted tic, tack, toe lines on them and then they each found rocks and picked a color to paint their selection. Ta Da! I do have occasional moments where I feel a sense of accomplishment as a mom!
Last but not least, we had our going away party. About 50 guests showed up to send the Ronne family on their way. This was fun filled evening full of food, emotion, and joy, and I feel like we have been officially released for the next leg of the journey.

party4Grandma and Josh

party1Perfect Ending, Boys playing video games

Just keep livin!!