Miracle Boy

My sweet miracle boy turns 8 tomorrow.  This is really unbelievable to me when I actually think about it.  The child who had a stroke in utero at 3 months, the unborn child who I was repeatedly advised to abort because he would never amount to anything, a child who survived 5 months in utero after having a stroke and whose head continued to swell with cerebrospinal fluid with every prenatal checkup. He did make it to birth, prematurely, and then overcame every single word uttered against his life by surviving.  A child who had an almost perfect apgar score at birth and who hollered with life as he came into a world that didn’t offer him much hope. A child who had brain surgery at three days old and spent two weeks in neonatal, and a child who taught his mother how to pray, how to believe, and what faith was all about.  He became a little boy who completely redefined his parents’ view on healing and how God views each one of us.  He has touched so many people’s lives in such a unique and remarkable way just by being him, and he has survived multiple traumatic events, surgeries, and the death of his birth father and continues to rise above every expectation placed on his life.  He is just starting to communicate, starting to walk and continuing to inspire everyone around him, including his newest family members who are often his biggest cheerleaders.  A little boy turned big boy overnight who is almost always happy as long as the music is playing, his stomach is full, and his diaper clean.   Lucas Aaron, you are a “bearer of light” as the meaning behind your name states.  You are a light to all as you prove to us that what “they” say is not always right and that our ideas of perfect are so often wrong.  You are perfect just the way God made you as your favorite Veggie Tale movie declares.  Happy, Happy birthday little boy, thank you for being you, thank you for being the beautiful music in our lives, and thank you Lord for the precious gift of this little boy.  
Enjoy this video that may be a repeat for many but it symbolizes so well just how far Luke has come. 

Just keep livin!!
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4 thoughts on “Miracle Boy

  1. Happy Birthday Lucas 🙂 I’ve just read your blog posts for the first time. I have walked a similar path and have felt so much as you have through this process. My husband died at 40 from his GBM last Jan. after a 3 year fight. Thank you for your honesty. You have helped me ox

  2. Happy birthday Luke! I have found thatbeing the mother of a special needs child is a gift. It has brought me many challenges, yes, but also so many blessings. It has given me a new way of looking at life, at people and has softened my heart. Our boys are both miracles who will touch many people during their lifetime!

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