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Sunlight Burning at Midnight a memoir by Jessica Ronne


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My Story.

May 7, 2004, became a pivotal day in my life as I ventured alone to a twenty week routine ultra sound visit for my unborn child. It was at this visit as a young wife and mother I heard the words abort, terminal, and try again as the devastating news in regards to my unborn baby was described.

Only a few short years later, I again listened as similar words were proclaimed about my husband when he unexpectedly collapsed on our backyard deck while caring for our three young children. The news the young physician assistant relayed to me while I waited patiently by my unconscious husband’s side at the local hospital was devastating. Our lives were about to be transformed forever.

My story is told in raw detail, my strength and will tested repeatedly as the months and years continued to rail against my faith and life. A faith which ultimately learned to trust in God’s unseen plan regardless of what the circumstances brought, a faith which redefined my idea of healing in light of the beliefs I professed, and a faith which finally rose from the ashes to create a life as beautiful as Sunlight Burning at Midnight. #fall2016 #sunlightburningatmidnight


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