Beauty Detox Journey – Take I


beautydetox.JPGAbout eight weeks ago I read an article detailing nutritionist Kimberly Synder and her unique approach to food, energy, and inward beauty.   Her words intrigued me as I was seeking a major change in my life due to stress and an overall feeling of exhaustion coupled with extreme highs (caffeine induced) and extreme lows (caffeine withdrawals), and so I ordered two of her books, The Beauty Detox Solution and The Beauty Detox Foods.   A week into devouring her words, I began aspects of the lifestyle she outlined.  I didn’t go full force because I know myself well enough to know that I’m not disciplined enough to change everything, but I am disciplined enough to change about 80 percent.   This wasn’t necessarily a quest to lose weight (although I had a few pounds to lose) instead, it was a quest to feel alive again – especially looking down the barrel at the big 40 with 8 kids to raise.

Since Annabelle’s birth in 2015, I have fought depression, exhaustion, weight gain, caffeine shakes, skin issues, and insomnia to name a handful of my problems, and I was sick and tired of feeling like crap all the time.  I’m a mom with 8 kids, an author, a teacher, a wife, and a friend.   I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate and I was exhausted – zombie like, enduring life instead of enjoying it, and something had to change because when I feel like crap, I act like crap.  My attitude wasn’t great, and I was short with my family.  I was becoming someone I didn’t like very much.   

I knew in my heart that there was a better way to live, and I needed to figure it out, even if it involved baby steps.  My biggest hurdles were the amount of caffeine I was consuming (3-5 cups of coffee in the morning and green tea throughout the day) and eating junk due to busyness, grabbing a handful of potato chips here, a piece of pizza or two or three there, a slice of carrot cake for breakfast – not good, even if it was mostly homemade food there were very few nutrients through raw fruits and vegetables.  In the grand scheme of things, we at the Ronne homestead eat relatively clean and healthy compared to many people.  We grow and raise a majority of our foods, we preserve what we raise, we’re active, we don’t drink soda or juices, and I try to eliminate most preservatives from our food choices, but – we are big meat and carb eaters, particularly beef eaters, and according to Kimberly, this had to change.

As I’ve posted a few pictures on social media of various recipes we were trying as a family, many of you have asked how the detox was going, and to be completely honest, I don’t view it so much as a detox as I’m not following it precisely as I do a lifestyle overhaul. I didn’t feel like I could give a fair assessment of what I had implemented just a few weeks in, but now that I’ve been at it for a few months, I think I can make a fair assessment.  Tune in on Thursday for my major takeaways….

Just keep livin!

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