Marriage Lessons From the Littles…


1.      Josh and Jada were recently instructed to clean up a big mess before they could take out another toy.  This mess consisted of about 5 billion little cars all over the living room that somehow needed to find their way back into the laundry basket they called home.   These two worked together, one pushing, the other pulling, until they were able to get this basket back to the toy closet where Jada then struggled to put it back on the shelf where it belonged.  She asked Josh if he could help her.  He agreed and as he huffed and puffed and flexed his little four year old muscles she proudly declared, “Josh, you’re SO strong” and Josh beamed.   Ryan and I laughed and Ryan said, “See it’s that simple with a man, tell him he’s so strong and we’ll do whatever you want.”  

2.      The other day Jada was struggling to get her shoes on and Josh offered to help.  “Jada, you sit down, and I’ll help put it on your foot.”  Jada obediently sat and accepted the help. Kindness goes a long ways in all relationships.  

3.      Josh and Jada got in a fight the other morning and Jada screamed very emotionally, “I’m never playing with you again!!” Josh stormed off and about 10 minutes later decided to check in on his female counterpart and then resumed playing as if nothing had happened.  Men, we love it when you overlook our emotional outbursts and come back pretending like nothing happened, which probably is in your best interest unless you want to make it into a marathon feeling sharing event.

4.      I spent the better part of a recent day cleaning my house top to bottom.  Josh walked in and immediately declared, “Mom, you did such a great job cleaning the house!”   Men, please notice these small, mundane things that we do because this is our life, we cook and clean and do laundry and wipe bottoms and an occasional, “Wow, it all looks great!”  is always appreciated. 

5.      The other day we had leftovers for lunch. Admittedly, not the most appealing leftovers in the world but both little ones were promised a piece of candy if they ate them.  Neither one complained and instead Jada said, “Mom, I just love these leftovers.”  Granted it was probably a lie, but if a little white lie is occasionally what’s needed to soothe over a situation  regarding something insignificant like, an outfit that really doesn’t look great on your wife or a new supper dish that’s really not that tasty, just tell the lie and move along in life, both with smiles upon your faces.

6.      Jada has a tendency to act bossy when it comes to Josh.  Josh takes it really well, for the most part.  He can literally last hour upon hour with this bossiness ensuing but eventually he will get to the point where he is totally over it and his frustration will come out in full force (aka an all out wallop session) Lesson learned?  Don’t be a wife who bosses and nags your husband to the point where he finally goes buck wild crazy on your rear end because honestly, they can only take so much before marbles will be lost in one way or another.

7.      Last but not least, a lesson in cooperation.  Both of them have discovered a love for sweeping the floor, constantly, which isn’t such a bad thing.  Problem is, they have also discovered that they don’t possess the skills needed individually to sweep the floor and pick up the crumbs with a dust pan. This is where cooperation has come in handy.  Josh loves to sweep, Jada loves to hold the dust pan and throw out the crumbs.  Perfect scenario, similar to my love of cooking and Ryan’s love of cleaning up the mess, not really but he does help out regardless with a partial smile upon his lips, true love, right?  



Just keep livin!!

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