Little Debbie Wants Oatmeal

I had a revelation the other morning. It came upon the heels of hearing once again sighs of anguish and despair, “Oh Yuck, Oatmeal! Gross!!!” Obviously I had not placed a breakfast of preference before my children’s beady little eyes. I had to hold back my own desire to roar into a lecture regarding the poor children of the world who would love to eat the warm, delicious oats with fresh blueberries but instead I chose to walk away, pretending to busy myself at the stove as they moaned and groaned and then a thought came to me, not so much a brilliant thought, but an awakening moment as a mother,

It is NOT my job dear children to make food exciting for you, or pretty, or fun. It is not even my job necessarily to make food tasty for you. It is my job, as your mother, to make it nutritionally balanced for you. It is my job to serve you food choices that provide energy, strength, and stamina, composed of proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help you grow strong and stay healthy.”

Yes, we are having oatmeal. Not pop tarts with artificial flavors, oils, and sugars or Fruit Loops, an equally appealing option, aka dyed saw dust, similar to a majority of the cereals on the market composed of 50% ADDED sugar, or Eggo Waffles packed with 190 calories of refined white flour containing 430mg of sodium and 32 other ingredients including multiple polysyllabic preservatives and artificial colors, but oatmeal, something your body would thank me for if it could talk. I admit, everything I set before your hungry little bellies will, in all likelihood, not taste like hand dipped, chocolate covered Little Debbie snacks with sprinkles on top or anything else resembling the above three named products. Our ancestors ate with purpose – for energy and to maintain their lives; whereas, we live in a really strange culture that primarily eats for pleasure and addiction, and although I recognize this as a facet of the society we live in, I don’t necessarily recognize it as the primary facet for my family. We will, very often, enjoy food with great pleasure. I myself enjoy food immensely, but I also recognize that for health and vitality, food must fuel our bodies by providing the necessary nutrients and vitamins needed to ward off disease and obesity. I would have an extreme amount of guilt as a mother, as the person appointed to care for your very well being by the Maker of Heaven and Earth, if I poisoned your cells daily with the many preservative, dyes, colorants, and sugars that cause numerous diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and even many cancers. I guarantee, at least to the extent of what I am humanly capable of, that I will do everything in my power to ensure that your presence graces my life for years to come (and I want grand babies at some point). If that means I’m a mean mama when it comes to saying “NO” to certain foods, than I relish in that colossal responsibility with full pleasure.  I’m sorry Caleb, Luke, Tate, Mya, Mabel, Josh, and Jada, you’re stuck with slimy green stuff, raw orange, red, and yellow fruits and vegetables, flak seeds, wheat germ, and oats – raw oats, straight out of the ground that I will attempt to make tasty by adding some agave nectar and sweet berries to – You are stuck with a mom who cares about your nutrition for the duration of your stay in my home. I love you too much to poison your growing bodies with crap (unless I’m really tired and just not in the mood to cook, then you’ll eat crap with my full blessing).  

Just keep livin!!

7 thoughts on “Little Debbie Wants Oatmeal

  1. Children won’t recognize it now, of course, but it’s great what you do because more than taking care of them, you don’t take the easy way.
    I have only 2 children and I admit that I buy Eggo waffles more often than I should! I pay attention to what we eat, but that’s certainly not enough.
    I tip my hat to you.
    If you can do it for 9, I can do it for 4.

  2. I’m giggling to myself reading this! My kids had pop tarts the other day because I was just tired of them begging for them. They didn’t like them, and we threw most of them away. So we had them, but we didn’t eat much of them. It’s hard to get the to eat well, but every little effort helps in the long run. Good job, Momma! 🙂

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