PMSing with Funky Toes and other things I’ve made my peace with…

This is a bit of a cop out post. Honestly, I’m pressed for time with packing, potty training, and summer break activities and this list came to mind the other day while driving to the gym.

Issues I’ve made my peace with in 36 years…

1.      I will most likely be a nail biter until the day I die, never basking in the delight of glancing down at beautifully polished nails.

2.      Speaking of polished, I will probably have some funky looking toes as well because along with being a notorious nail biter, I am also a notorious toe nail peeler. My husband was thrilled to find another of his kind when he married me.

 3.      When faced with a bag of Cheetos, I will probably, 9 times out of 10, eat way too many of them, like possibly the whole bag.

4.      I can’t change people, people can only change themselves. Pretty simple.

5.      Relationships are the ONLY thing that matters here on earth. A relationship with the Maker of Heaven and Earth and our relationships with those He has created. That’s it, that’s all that it boils down to at the end of the day.

6.      I’ll never be a runner. I’ve tried every way imaginable to twist and tort my mentality and my body into accepting this practice but it’s just not going to happen for me.

7.      I’m a passionate person – sometimes this is a fantastic trait and sometimes not such a fantastic trait, ask my husband for clarification if you’re confused.

8.      Stretch marks and hormones will be a part of my life for a long time unless I find myself excessively wealthy and can afford a permanent treatment to remove them both from my existence. 


9.      The gym is therapy for me. I can either spend A LOT of money on actual therapy or a little money for a gym membership. Pretty clear cut decision – in my opinion.

10.   I will have days when I feel like I’m completely inadequate in my calling of motherhood but my feelings have failed me many times in the past – My faith never has.

11.   I often have no idea what God is up to in my life and will probably have those same feelings many more times but if I’m honest, it’s none of my business. He is God, I am not; I’ve finally accepted this fact.

Just keep livin!!

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