My Declaration

There have been more than a few heated debates in the last week or two regarding some controversial issues in the Christian community. Instead of diving into the mess once again on this blog, I’d like to instead focus this Easter season on the redeeming power of the blood of Christ and how it lavishes grace upon grace to save us repeatedly as we fall time and time again in our walks with the Lord.  Maybe these people who have such strong opinions against one or two sins in particular have never struggled with anything. Maybe they just can’t admit it.  I know I’ve fallen from grace many times in many areas. My life has fallen very, very short of glorifying God at different low points. I’ve struggled sexually, I’ve struggled with my mouth, I’ve struggled with being merciful, I’ve struggled with depression, I’ve struggled with indulgences of various forms and the list could sadly go on and on.  My life has not always exemplified that of a Christian lifestyle.  I struggle, I repent, I fall again, I repent, the cycle takes a while to work its way through my life and my heart and as scripture declares, I “work out [my] own salvation with fear and trembling,” Philippians 2:12 and I do that, over and over again until I eventually gain victory through Christ’s blood in a specific area.

 In the spirit of our Risen Lord I’ve written out a few declarations that I seek to apply in how I relate to the world, my life, and my faith.  
1.     I  believe that all men and women fall short of the glory of God
2.     I believe that God so loved the world that he sent his one and only son.
3.     I believe that scripture is God inspired, God breathed, and very often misinterpreted or taken out of context by the years spanning its original text or our own human nature seeking to bend it to our religious ideas. 
4.     I believe that many people grow up with a certain set of beliefs that they hold steadfastly to but never actually research the origins or the premises for themselves.
5.     I  believe that we are born sinful
6.     I believe that God, not some evolutionary force, created this earth and everything that walks upon it, and I believe that when he was finished he looked upon ALL of his completed product and declared, “It is good.” 
7.     I believe that Jesus Christ came in the flesh to humanity.  I believe that he was born of a virgin, and I believed that he lived among us in all of our messiness.  I believe that he struggled with some of the same things we struggle with yet remained blameless and without sin.  I believe that he extended hope to the hopeless, beauty for ashes, joy for those who mourn, grace for all mankind, and redemption towards any and all that would call upon the name of the Lord to be saved.  I believe that he was crucified, dead, and buried, and I believe that immediately upon his last breath, he shot straight into the kingdom of hell, cornered the evil one, and with one swift move demolished him and took back life, liberty and freedom for all who would believe.    I believe that through his resurrection power, he not only released those who were held captive, but he gave them a new name and a new destiny  and he started a glorious march out of the pit of hell, toppling the evil one’s demonic forces with the blood of the redeemed dripping off of his hem.  I believe that Jesus Christ, King of the universe, arose on the third day with all of death, hell, and the grave bound up in his grip and I believe that through his victory over the grave, all mankind, young and old, rich or poor, all races, tribes and creeds have the same redemption power and victory available if they would just, “believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”  I believe that he is coming back one day very soon and I believe that our time is shorter than we may choose to acknowledge.  I believe that it is my job and your job to meet people right in all the dirty, icky, murk of this life and show them through our lives and our actions the glory and redeeming power of someone just waiting to be their Lord and Savior.    I believe that it is through Christ’s sacrifice and only through his sacrifice that we have life and redemption and that we can be called sons and daughters of the most high God, and I believe that we will one day be seated in Heavenly places with him to rule and reign throughout all of eternity.  Until Christ returns or until I breathe my last, I believe that I will do by part to the best of my ability in showing the love that saved my soul from a lifetime of imprisonment, hell, and damnation, but in the meantime, I have a race to run and a life to live!  Glorious Redemption Day, hallelujah!! 

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