The Ronne’s Big, New, Grand Adventure

It’s a new year (yay!), and the Ronnes have some big plans for the next 365 days.  We have properties to flip, kids and chickens to raise, goals to attain, and a few other fun thoughts up our sleeves.  We had a good 2012, a painfully good year as Ryan and I reflect back upon that year; a year encompassed with many highlights and some lows as well.  I use the word “painfully” because 2012 held a very different feel to it than the prior year of 2011 which was our honeymoon year.  2011 was the year of firsts: the butterflies, the highs of a new life together, the excitement of a fresh relationship, different surroundings, and a new adventure.  In contrast, 2012 was the year that brought a slap of reality to what this new life was all about.  We chose to face it all straight on and made a conscious decision not to bury any of it in busyness or in checking out on each other. We struggled through, prayed through, fought through, and rejoiced with each and every victory as we got honest with one another, honest with our pasts,  honest about our future, and honest with our Maker. 

It was a wonderfully victorious process as we can now look at each other entering 2013 with a deep appreciation for the choices we’ve made to be together, to make our marriage the best it can be, to be the best parents we can be to our seven children, and the decision to be present in the moments; appreciating each moment of joy or pain, boredom or tears, for what it is and taking away the fulfillment of growth that the moment has allowed in our lives.  
As Ryan and I have been reflecting on these few years we’ve spent together we’ve decided that 2013 is going to be a year that we do something significant as a couple.  I’m not talking about the mundaneness of raising a family, or going through the motions of life, or falling asleep in each other arms every night – although very good things that we do together; instead, I’m talking about something bigger, like life or death big, adventurous, dangerous, something that only the two of us can produce because of the sanctity of our coming together as one in this moment and time in eternity.  Something resembling a grand adventure completely unique to our personalities in our relationship and without us coming together and accomplishing it, it would never happen. We’ve discussed this idea for a while and prayed about it because we really felt like it was something we needed to enjoy doing together such as taking up a hobby, or possibly going somewhere and doing something worthwhile, but this had to be something that our two hearts were completely invested in TOGETHER and something that we both felt completely drawn to and called to – in other words, not something I talked him into; which can have a tendency to occur in marriages🙂.  While working through this concept over the past few weeks we’ve come up with some great ideas but ultimately landed upon an idea that we are both very comfortable with already, extremely dedicated to already, and pretty well rehearsed in already; drum roll……… We’ve decided to put it all on the line and….. write together.
Now this could be disastrous for a while – especially if we have landed upon something big that we’re supposed to accomplish together.  The Devil won’t be thrilled and we’ll probably get frustrated and irritated with one another, frustrated when our ideas don’t mesh and frustrated when one of us has writers block and the other has ideas coming out of their eyeballs. But, we’re determined to plug through regardless, lay it all on the line and see if God can use any of what we have and are together for His glory and His purpose.  We’re not exactly sure what this looks like for us as a couple yet.  It could be blogging, it could be writing a book, it could be writing articles, but it is going to be set in motion this year. Right now we are taking the necessary baby steps to make this happen.  We’re making an office out of our guest room because we’ve reasoned that writing would certainly be easier with a tranquil, peaceful, semi quiet spot to accomplish it in.  It’s a baby step but it’s a step in the right direction.  Outside of this move, stay tuned, there should be more to come.    
Every couple should have a grand mission to accomplish together – giving the relationship purpose and meaning as it joins the two hearts together for the purpose of accomplishing a single goal.  In this new year as we have evaluated what our mission is, and I urge you to evaluate what your mission could be with your spouse, think about it, pray about it, and make it happen! Do something that would never get done if the two of you hadn’t come together and joined your hearts as one and do it soon for the world will never be the same without your contribution!
Just keep livin!!

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  1. So excited to see what God has in store for you. I believe he has brought you together as an amazing team for Him. Whatever you write, it will be a blessing to others because your focus is always where it should be. Love to you both as you move forward in your adventure.

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