Ryan’s take on Marijuana

I’ve been tired lately and lacking coherent thoughts so I asked my husband to write something to which he happily obliged (he’s such a trooper) Hopefully inspiration returns soon!
Jess decided to post a somewhat controversial subject on facebook the other day in regards to how the election played out and more specifically how people voted on some of the proposals out there. Here’s what she said –
“All I have to say regarding the election is that legalizing recreational marijuana is NOT in the same category as legalizing medical marijuana. To my conservative friends, medical marijuana as an option to someone who is in intense pain due to a terminal illness or otherwise can be a huge blessing when there are no more options. There, that’s my two cents for the day.” – Jessica Ronne
This actually stirred up a conversation between the two of us as we were getting ready for bed, and although we don’t necessarily see eye to eye on the legalization of marijuana the conversation is worth writing about. I would have to agree with her that the legalization of marijuana for terminally ill patients should be feasible but that is where my argument begins in the opposite direction. It should be feasible but in our nation we have proven that we don’t follow the rules very well and often, actually almost always, we take the extreme worst case scenario and make it worse. I don’t know for sure but I believe tobacco was originally used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes as was alcohol and we all know how well we as a nation have turned both of those things into lethal killers. My thought about the legalization of a now illegal drug will turn just as ugly as prescription drugs because again when the decision is left in our hands, we have proven as a majority that we will abuse our rights. We as Americans don’t do much in moderation which Jess and I definitely agree on from the regular things that come to mind but not limited to the things like smoking, drugs and alcohol. Fast food is probably one the leading killers in our overweight nation and I have to admit I indulge in this one despite my wife’s efforts to cure me of anything processed:). If we occasionally had a double cheeseburger or chocolate shake or even an M&M brownie fudge sundae, it wouldn’t be a problem. If we could go have a couple of beers with the guys during Monday Night Football or a glass of wine with our spouse at the end of a tough day, it wouldn’t be a problem. If only our terminally ill could smoke a joint for a brief amount of much needed pain relief without their caregiver or son’s friend or 3rdcousin’s wife’s sister-in-law’s new boyfriend taking advantage of a dire situation, I would agree with the legalization. But, as a nation, we have proven ourselves over and again that we will over-indulge, misuse and abuse any and every opportunity that comes our way to get what we want good or bad. That’s my 2 cents:)
Just keep livin…

One thought on “Ryan’s take on Marijuana

  1. You are so right, Ryan…….That old adage from years ago still applies today……”Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile”…Don’t know why that is, but it is true. I also feel like mj will turn into something that is abused, just because it’s legal, and people will find every reason in the world to justify using it……That’s my 2 cents…

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