I’m going to confess to something on my blog that I’ve been too embarrassed to even tell my husband about, (Sorry honey, you’re going to hear about this for the first time here).  It’s a story of obedience; or a lack of on my part with something that was so small and so insignificant but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was called to do this specific action, and I instead ignored it and God made it pretty clear to me later on that He had been speaking to me (and I knew it). Because of my hard headedness and pride, I blew it off as “no big deal” when in fact any time we disobey God, even with the little things, it is a big deal.  Anyway… in the Ronne household it is my two nine year old boy’s job to bring the trash down to the curb every Thursday night.  This particular Thursday was a beautiful, sunny day in Michigan, and I was out for a walk with the two youngest Ronne kids.  As I loaded up Josh and Jada into the stroller, I passed our two overflowing trash bins.  I knew that the boys had a busy night ahead of them with school, homework, eating dinner, and then church after dinner, and as I was pondering this, I clearly felt in my heart the Lord telling me to bless my boys and take the bins down to the curb for them.  I smiled with this idea and thought, “yeah, that would be a nice thing to do for them. I’ll make sure that gets done we get back.”  So we went for our walk, came back, the bins hadn’t moved and in fact seemed to be busting at the seams even more than I had remembered them looking prior to our walk, and so I made sure that I reminded myself again to, “bring those down later.”  The thought was stored safely away in a mental compartment in the forefront of my brain.  The afternoon continued, the Almighty continued to prick me occasionally about those bins as I went about putting the babies down for naps, doing laundry, a little bit of writing, cleaning, and then starting dinner.  Four o ‘clock rolled around and it was time to get Luke off the bus and as I did so, I noticed, once again, those big brown bins overflowing with trash bag upon trash bag for that is the reality of a nine person family with three of those people still in diapers.  That would be the last time those brown bins would enter my mind for the day – UNTIL midnight.  The clock struck twelve, I was still awake in bed, tossing and turning, and then that compartment where I had stored the “I have to bring the bins down” information came crashing out of my head all over my face and I remembered, I had never brought those bins down!  I did what any wife would do in that moment, I gently nudged my husband who was just barely still awake and said, “Honey, did the boys get the bins down tonight?” he replied, very hazily, “No, they didn’t, I forgot to remind them.”  And what did I do with that information? As sweetly as I could muster, with my guilty conscience I said, “YOU forgot to remind them?  Honey, you always remind them!” Granted, he does usually take the responsibility of nudging  them towards this tedious job, but in this instance it was about my guilt and my lack of obedience, and I knew it and God knew it.  Because I had ignored the Lord’s tapping at my heart about blessing my boys in something so small and insignificant, we would now have mountains of trash piling up in the garage over the next week; and we did.  Every time I opened the door, I was blatantly reminded of this very fact while stumbling over trash bags spilling over, diaper upon diaper piling up, and as not only the stench of trash filled the air but also the stench of my disobedience filled my nose. 
“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”  John 14:15
P.S. – the next week I listened to that still small voice and brought the bins down🙂
Just keep livin!!

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  1. Jess, this is what is so fresh and exciting about your blog! You share the tiny details and bring them into big piture focus. You are human and real no frills and not afraid to admit it. Thanks for sharing and next time I feel that tap on my shoulder I’ll think of you. Thank you! And I thank goodness that we have twice weekly pick up. Lorrie

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