My Overriding Conviction

There’s this big hoopla over some comments that Mitt Romney was overheard saying a few weeks ago while dining out on the town; something in reference to Whoopi Goldberg and David Letterman not being his biggest fans.  First, they undoubtedly are not his biggest fans as they probably very vocally proclaim to anyone who will listen, and secondly, so what that he said this, privately, to a group of friends and family and some nosy person happen to capture his comments and turn them into a big political thing.   As we watched this “news” on TV, I turned to Ryan and said, “I’d be a horrible politician, seriously, you’re not allowed to have any private thoughts or opinions while running for presidency?  And on top of that, absolutely nothing in your past that shows that you might actually be human can come out?”   Give me a break.  I would be a hilarious candidate if I were to run for president.  I think I would have to find the largest podium, with the biggest and loudest microphone imaginable and just get it all out there, all the grit in my life, so that there would be absolutely nothing to unearth later on in my presidency.  “Uh, yes, I have tried cigarettes, and yes I have had sex, and oh, yes, I was drunk a few times in college, and um, can you repeat the question?  I’m not really understanding the meaning of “sexual relations” could you specify?”  Seriously?  The standards we hold these men and women up to are ridiculous!  I would be so happy if for once we would just elect someone who admitted to everyone that he was in fact a human being and not a robotic figure of our imagination from the land of perfection.  Lately, with the way these men conduct themselves, you would wonder if we are electing God himself to office, but even Jesus Christ, God Himself, was overheard saying some pretty honest things about some pretty prideful people.  I’ve said it before, I’m not overly political, the whole process annoys me mostly, BUT I do believe that it’s my Christian duty to vote, and I do so in every single election.  My vote always boils down to one main issue; where the candidate stands on abortion.  There are other issues that I feel as a Christian are important; what constitutes a marriage, the economy, and healthcare to name a few, but this is the issue that ultimately sways my vote.  This issue for me is about millions of babies who don’t have a voice, and my Luke was at one point teetering on the edge of being one of those desecrated, nameless and faceless babies because he was deemed not worthy of life by some pretty ignorant specialists.  Many other women, who upon hearing the news of what his life was SUPPOSED to entail, would have agreed to the doctors recommendations and would have eliminated themselves of the burden and of the responsibility of seeing that pregnancy to completion. Adults will always have their proud and arrogant opinions and fight amongst themselves over some of the ridiculous policies that really aren’t life or death to any of us, but this IS a life or death issue and that’s the difference for me versus the other issues.  These are millions of babies who are never given a chance to go to the polls, these are babies that so many aching mother’s hearts would love to adopt and raise as their own flesh and blood, and these babies will continue to be at the forefront of who and what I vote for every four years – these babies ARE where my convictions lie because these babies could all have been my Luke once upon a time.  
Just keep livin!!!

4 thoughts on “My Overriding Conviction

  1. Funny…this is also where my heart goes when I vote. I don’t understand or pretend to understand all the politics of government, but I do know where I stand on abortion. Nicely put Jess!!

  2. I base my vote on a multitude of factors. I’m not really sure how to take Mitt Romney. I live in Mass. and Romney was a pretty moderate republican. I have a feeling he is saying what he feels the conservated base whats to hear, but I think he is a moderate. He was pro-choice not to long ago.

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