Lackadaisical Days

The kids go back to school tomorrow.  I NEED this desperately, and they need this desperately.  I will, for the first time in many years, be home with just 2 kids, 2 two year olds, but only two of them nonetheless.  I can’t say that the summer was as overwhelming as I had initially anticipated it to be, and we all clicked so much better than we did our first summer together.  I know most families love summer vacation and the freedom from schedules and agendas, but this first born doesn’t thrive real well on that sort of loose, free for all game plan.  Example, yesterday I asked my son what his plan was for the afternoon and he replied, “Mom I don’t really plan my days, I’m a boy.”  I thought, “Well, how do you get anything accomplished if you don’t have a plan?”  Apparently there are people who don’t need a plan for their days, they just live.  Interesting thought…. The fact that I was home with seven kids under 10 all day every day will probably throw me for the next few summers until some of them grow up a bit and become a little more independent.   Thankfully Ryan’s self-employment has allowed for him to also part take in these blessed family times together or I may have been slightly mental by this point.  As I reflect on our second summer together as a family, there are a few things that I noticed.  This summer was easier than last summer.  Last summer everything was still so new.  The kids had just moved here in March, they were all thrown into a new school, new neighborhood, new church, and new family virtually overnight.  Last summer we were still sorting out how the new family was going to click, how we were going to give each child the attention they needed while still maintaining the attention our new marriage needed, how we were going to address the grief that each family member was still feeling, and how we were going to accommodate all of the families involved and yet still make time for us as a new family unit.  Last summer was a lot of firsts, a lot of adjustments, and probably a lot of mistakes.  This summer felt different.  This summer we really connected as the new Ronne family.  I feel like each child is beginning to understand the role they play in the family, and we have all learned that there are advantages to being in a big family – like so many kids to play with at any given time, and there are disadvantages- like mom doesn’t have time to play with each child individually every single day.  Mom or Dad time is a little more sacred in a big family because there is so much more to get done, but the kids have also learned to take advantage of those opportunities that we offer like needing help outside or in the kitchen, as precious moments that they can have our undivided attention.   Overall, we had a pretty unplanned out summer with mom only cringing occasionally at the lack of self-initiated structure on the part of most of the family members.  I’m sure my 2 or 3 daily to do lists more than over compensated for the rest of the Ronne family’s lackadaisical summer agendas.  But today I’m counting down the hours till we can all get back to having a plan – 17 to go…  

Just keep livin!!

P.S.  – I have to thank my husband for using this very sophisticated and interesting word completely out the blue the other day which ended up becoming the entire premise of my blog post today.   Thanks babe!

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