Accidental Mom of 7


Today I officially and legally became mom to seven children. This is mind boggling to me when I actually sit down and try to comprehend what this means to me as a mom and to them as my 7 kids! As I’ve said before, I never planned on being a mom of so many kids -my plan was 3 or 4 MAX.  I know in our culture we tend to have this false sense of having some control over our lives.  We plan how many children we are going to have or not have, we plan the best neighborhoods for those children to grow up in, and we plan those neighborhoods around the schools we want them to attend. Many of us as mothers obsessively plan our meal schedules for weeks out or our chore schedules, or workout schedules or whatever it may be just to feel somewhat in control and successful as a wife and mother.  We plan our finances, our vacations, our health insurance plans and our 401K’s to relax under this false pretense of preparedness.  However planned we are as a society, God ultimately has it all planned long before it crosses our minds.  As a teenager I thought the people around me who had a lot of kids were absolutely nuts. Who in their right mind would want so many children to clutter up their life?  Not to mention, it seemed to me that you lost all of your freedom just in taking care of all of those children all the time.  It was not at all appealing to me.  I saw firsthand how much work that many kids could be in being the oldest of 10 and so naturally a lot of the responsibility of a large family often fell on my shoulders.  Most of my life until I was 18 years old was children.  I didn’t necessarily love it but it was very easy for me to help in taking care of a large brood of young children, and as soon as I was out of the house and ready to go to school, I became a nanny, for not one family, but two families.  One of the families I stayed with for 7 years and really enjoyed it and again, young children.  In college I was really enjoying my English classes and thinking, “What do I do with an English degree? “  Guess what, I became a teacher, and went on to Detroit after I got married and taught a whole slew of inner city kids.  That didn’t last long because something just didn’t feel right about living on that side of the state so I moved back to the West side of the state where I finally escaped children and became a receptionist for a local car dealership, for three months, and then I got pregnant.  Moral of the story, you may not think you’re planning for something but God always is.  He knew from the day of my birth that someday I would be mom to 7 kids and there are many, many days and moments where I think, “Really Lord??”  But in the end, even I have to admit, its second nature for me and it’s surprisingly not that difficult to take care of so many children.  I can multitask with the best of them; I can sweep the floors, check facebook, feed Luke, fold laundry, say “Um hum” to my second oldest for the umpteenth time as he shares every single thought in his head, all while cooking dinner. What would probably stress most people out to the max doesn’t really faze me because it has been so engrained in me to become this mom through my life preparations courtesy of my Heavenly Father.  Thank you Lord for preparing me so adequately for the hardest, most fulfilling, and best job I’ll ever have.  
P.S. – Prayers for patience are very much valued and appreciated as I navigate this new terrain of absolute chaos and joy. 
Just keep livin!!

6 thoughts on “Accidental Mom of 7

  1. Well now you are “just a family”. No blending, no stepping. Just loving and living like you have done from the beginning of this story. It is a remarkable story being carried out by remarkable people. You had faith when you most needed it and He has so richly rewarded all of you! Congratulations all around and of course continued blessings and prayers as each of you continues on in this faith-filed journey. Remember that true meaning of peace and keep finding joy in each child’s unique spirit!

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