I’m a writer so I love words.  Some words have significant meaning to me and some are just words that make me smile such as…  
1.       Adaptable – something I have learned to love because it is my husband’s number one strength.  His adaptability enabled him to move to Michigan, uproot everything he knew and loved and become my husband.  His adaptability enables him to embrace a new culture, a new wife, new children, new everything and he does it with extreme grace and respect.  Love you babe🙂
2.     .  Belief – the exact opposite of adaptable and my number one strength – to 100% accuracy.  I am a first born child of 12, and I exhibit most of those annoying traits on a daily basis.  Belief is a kind of know it all concept, everything is black and white, no middle ground, strong core values that govern life, unchanging and unwavering.  God obviously had a sense of humor in putting me with Mr. Adaptable. 
3.      Authentic – I believe in 100% authenticity in how I live.  It may not always be pretty, in fact it may often be messy and have people shaking their heads, but at 35 years old, I can honestly say that I live authentically.  What you see, is what you get. 
4.     Beauty – I love beauty.  I love beauty in words, in life, in faith, in my family, in nature, and in my God.  HE has made beauty from ashes, thank you Lord for my beautiful life. 
5.      Grace – I’m a grace girl through and through.  I’m not always the most patient, kind, merciful, or slowest to anger type of person (it’s that first born thing), but I know that I have a God in Heaven always waiting and wanting to give me a second chance.  Through His grace I am forever evolving into something better.  
6.       Strength – Physical strength is something I strive for.  I love lifting weights and pushing myself to be stronger. I love being able to feel like I could defend myself or my family if I had to.  A mental strength, which I firmly believe comes through our thought patterns.  If we focus on the bad, that will define our life, if we focus on the good, that will define our life, ultimately our lives are lived between our ears. Finally, a spiritual strength which comes slowly through faith that God has our best in mind, and He is able to provide a peace that passes understanding even when we don’t understand one single bit.  
7.        Faith – The number one word that sums up how I live my life.  I have faith that there is something so much bigger and better than any of us can even imagine and that is what propels me to my beliefs, strength, and authenticity in this Big, Beautiful Life. 
Just keep Livin!!!

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