Not That Mom

I’m not the mom from perfect world. I am not the mom with the perfect, spotless house.  I’m not the mom with the kids who look like they stepped out of a gap ad, I’m not the mom who always looks pulled together, I’m not the mom with the perfectly manicured yard, and I’m not the mom who has everything organized, and labeled, and put in pretty color coordinated plastic containers.  I’m more like the mom who encourages my two year olds to wash their own hair and if a few bubbles remain when they hop out of the tub, I figure at least their bedding will smell good in the morning.  I’m the mom who lets my girls pick out their own Sunday clothes and if they want to wear sparkly shoes with a leopard print dress, I really don’t care because there are much bigger issues in the world as far as I’m concerned.  I’m the mom whose 9 year old sons have mohawks because they wanted them, and I thought, well, maybe they can get the teenage rebellion thing out of their systems early.  I’m the mom who if I enter a room with makeup on and my hair done ALL of my kids ask if I’m going on a date or, “mama go by bye?” in two year old language.  I’m the mom who will run to the mall or to target or the grocery store in rags, without a stitch of makeup on, dirt smeared face, and hair in a bun and not care a bit. I’m the mom who loves the look of beautiful gardens but just wishes someone else would take care of it for me, and I’m the mom who would really love to be organized because it looks so pretty on Pinterest and I’ve discovered, much to my delight, that I married a very organized man this time around.  So, if I incorporate a little Super Nanny trick and I show him the idea, (which he gets excited about because he REALLY likes things to be organized) buy everything to incorporate the idea into our lives and even pretend like I may actually be invested in the process of completing the idea, then he, at some point, will actually become so engrossed in the process that it will be done before I know it. I know, kind of conniving but I don’t think it counts if he’s on to me……
I used to resemble something similar to that perfect mom, quite a few years ago I remember trying really, really hard to live up to the standard of that mom, but not anymore.  I don’t give care anymore.  I learned how quickly it can all be done here on earth, with a snap of a finger, eternity can happen.  I have established MY personal priorities for my life and none of it involves perfection.  I devote my limited amount of energy to those things that are on my priority list.  The list is pretty short and sweet, a happy husband, happy, contented kids, a growing faith life, working out, writing, a semi clean house, a pretty darn good meal on the table at the end of the day, quality time with close friends and family, a good glass of Merlot, and oh yeah, date night every Saturday night.   Outside of that list, everything else is just an extra if I have time.  Spotlessness is overrated, it will just get dirty again, and very quickly with 7 kids.  Thank you Lord for my kind of clean home, my happy husband, dirty kids and warm apple pie.  Just Keep Livin!

3 thoughts on “Not That Mom

  1. Ha ha! Yes this is me to a T. I seriously did not comb my hair after getting out of the shower for 7 months. Just went right into a bun. I have the kind of hair that needs to be combed. Make up? What’s that I don’t have time to barely wipe right now on the potty….I only have 2! My house is always a mess. The best advice my mom ever gave me was “do you want a clean house? or happy kids? My kids are happy and get a lot of one on one time vs the whole cleaning thing. My job is to raise kids not have a spotless house and yard! Although I am trying to have a somewhat put together day every once in a awhile now….just to remind myself what I could look like if I cared:-) Great post!

  2. Jess you are too funny. I only have two kids 7 & 3 and work FT and have my own business & team and help kid with Softball team, leader of Girl Scouts and help at church when it is my turn to teach. help with my Sisters 3 kids 11-14-19 she had GBM. My31 business has really helped me organize my life. I have a bag for every…Emily’s Got Game bag keeps whatever sport she is playing in stuff at all time. Wash & Put into bag. Girls Scouts stay in their Organizing utility tote w/ the 7 pockets that stuff everything neatly. Abi has her own bags for Church, Day care and her toys. So I may not have the perfect house and it is never all clean at the same time. (COD about cleaning 1 room at a time) and my yard always needs mowing. BUT I have gotten organized with my priorities…my happy content kids! I can’t be running around looking for everything when I am never home!!! Love My31 stuff. I couldnt live without them now. I too want the perfect Gap AD kids… but mine… well she likes to “dress crazy” her 3 yr old words not mine. It drives me nuts when she dont match. But not worth a fight with a 3 year old. Unless somewhere special! The 7 yr old walked out of the house wearing red socks with a pink shirt. Just to inform me she has worn them everyday this week…YUCK! Keep livin Jess! BREATHE and love life. Tammy Sturgill CP: SherryLynnRobinson

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